Skype for Business Dual UI Client Logic Readiness Webcast

Skype for Business Dual UI Client Logic Webcast

Just getting the word out there, this appears to be part of the Skype4b readiness series, though it is not currently listed on the readiness webcast listing page (so I’m not sure how many people know about it):

Tuesday 4/7 9:30am Pacific Time

(found publically listed on the bottom of

Removing Topology tab from Lync 2013 Control Panel

To remove the Topology tab from a user’s Lync control panel view, just remove the Get-CsComputer cmdlet from the custom RBAC role you create. It is in some strange roles like Response Group Manager by default, and those users really don’t need to be browsing around in the Topology, even if it is only the control panel rendition of it.

Blogging is hard!

This is just a quick blog to say that finding time to sit down and write articles is pretty hard to do!  I have a lot I want to share from our 30k+ user Lync 2013 deployment, including lots about response groups, DNS, debugging and capturing failing process memory dumps, issues during 2010->2013 migration, and techniques we used during mass number porting (more than 10,000 DIDs).  I am pleased that my first post about our issues with a DFS bug killing our front-end servers is now taking off due to some attention on twitter.  Hoping to get some more articles going soon!